If you’ve spent more than a few days in Charleston, you probably know who Harve Jacobs is. If you’ve lived in this city for any amount of time, you know Harve is a Charleston institution. He’s Live 5 News’ bulldog investigative reporter. He’s got one of the better Twitter handles in town, @policereporter. His voice, look, and on camera delivery are spot on. He’s a news man. In fact, according to you, he’s one of the best–the Best Local Investigative Reporter in town for at least a decade running, according to his Live 5 bio (we lost count.)

Here’s how we described Harve in this year’s Best of Charleston:

Every time we see Jacobs onscreen, it feels like we’re living in a much bigger city. An old-school, fast-talking, hard-nosed Brooklyn native, he always looks out for the little guy and puts the screws on crooked dealers. Here’s to many more years of straight shooting, Harve.

But have you met Harve Jacobs’ alter-ego, 1985 Harve Jacobs?

Long before 2013 Harve was raking in the BOC awards, 1985 Harve was a tucked-in T-shirt and short shorts-wearing, mustachioed, bespectacled radio man. The news director for WCSC Radio for eight years before reporting for WCBD-TV for a few years and then moving back to the TV side at WCSC, 1985 Harve has come out of the woodwork thanks to a tweet from Live 5’s Mark Davenport containing a YouTube video uploaded by WTMA program director John Quincy earlier this week. All I can say is, I’m glad we don’t have that NewsPower 1200 sitting in our office.

Without further ado, we’d like to turn it over to 1985 Harve Jacobs. Be sure to watch the whole four-minute video, because you don’t want to miss any nuggets of 1985 Harve wisdom, like his motto: “A dirty newsroom is a busy newsroom.”

For more great behind the scenes video, check out Quincy’s YouTube channel.