Led by skillful singer, guitarist, and songwriter John Seymour, longtime Charleston pop-rock band The Fire Apes were big on the scene in the early 2000s. They reintroduced themselves in 2006 with a new lineup featuring drummer Tommy Hamer (previously of Astrojet) and bassist Julian Volpe (a longtime Fire Apes collaborator), they played a series of big comeback shows at local venues. Keyboardist Hugh Knight came on board in 2007.

After another recent hiatus during which Seymour worked on new material and recorded demos, the Apes are back it in full force again this summer. The new Apes roster includes two local band scene veterans — guitarist/bassist Dave Stewart (of The Blue Dogs) and lead guitarist Jeff Bateman (of SuperDeluxe), both of whom have collaborated with a variety of Charleston rock, funk, Americana, and pop bands over the years.

The band’s first “official” comeback show is set for Fri. Aug. 21 at the Windjammer (a benefit concert to help raise money and awareness for the new Roper St. Francis Cancer Research Center and Dragon Boat Racing). Visit thefireapes.com and the-windjammer.com for more.