Local indie-pop band Meet the Sky has dedicated a year’s worth of work to charity. The diligent combo has recorded extensively, toured around the region, and released several albums with the proceeds from sales going to specific causes.

Over the last three years, Meet the Sky has developed an eclectic, high-polished set replete with chiming guitars, synth, and emotive vocals. This summer, the band seems determined to conduct philanthropic endeavors through their music.

“We’ve been super busy lately,” says drummer Josh Luke. “We’ve been tossing around the idea of what it would look like for us as a band to use our art to make a difference in the world. We started a project to release an EP of songs we’ve never recorded before for charity, exclusively available through our Bandcamp.com site.”

The band first came together in 2008, led by Luke and singer, keyboardist, and main songwriter Ricky Taylor. The first lineup featured guitarist Brian Jarvis and bassist Austin Campbell. Cory Burchard eventually stepped in to replace Jarvis on lead guitar.

In 2009, the quartet released the first of several well polished EPs of originals with an indie-rock edge and an underlying spiritual theme.

“We’re all Christians, but our lyrical content is rooted in life experience, whether it be our own or those around us,” says Luke.

Meet the Sky plans to release a total of five EPs this year. The first songs of the series comprised a collection titled The Light of the Moon, which included remixes and instrumental mixes of older tunes “done up with an electronic flare,” as Luke puts it. The proceeds from sales of that album benefited Water Missions International. In April, they re-released the four-song No Matter What, their second EP, with the goal of helping the tsunami victims in Japan.

Luke and his bandmates signed on with a new booking agent who is already scheduling shows across the Southeast. The last half of 2011 might wind up even busier for the band than the first.