This January, The Gibbes Museum of Art kicks off the 2018 Visiting Artists series featuring a diverse group of artists. Over the next few months, visitors can engage with artists, learning more about mediums from basket-making to sculpting.

Mary Jackson (Jan. 25-Feb. 24)
At the age of four, Mary Jackson learned the art of basket making, a tradition passed down from her grandmother and mother. As a founding member of the Mt. Pleasant Sweetgrass Basket Makers’ Association, Jackson fights to protect the local and regional resources that she utilizes in her baskets. A 2008 Macarthur Fellow, Mary Jackson continues to receive international recognition for her skilled artistry. In January and February, Jackson will offer demonstrations of traditional basket making.

Mary May (Feb. 6-17)

First inspired by her travels in England and Europe, Mary May has been carving wood and stone since 1991. May studied classical techniques in Europe before returning to the US where she began crafting classical furniture for churches, sculptures, and repairing antiques. She has taught classes across the country and internationally and recently published her first book, Carving the Acanthus Leaf.

Francisca Palazuelos (Feb. 20-May 18)

Since leaving her home in Santiago de Chile, Francisca Palazuelos resided in several countries, including Mexico, Spain, and the United States. Her extensive travels are reflected in the diversity of her prints as she brings landscapes to life through her use of traditional woodcutting techniques. Now living in Charleston, Palazuelos works with the College of Charleston School of Arts. 

Tom Stanley (Feb. 28-April 6)
A North Carolina native, Tom Stanley attended the University of South Carolina where he earned an MA in Applied Art History and an MFA in Painting. Through common styles, he seeks to capture images that are new and original. Stanley also studies and curates the works of several past South Carolina artists. Following his 2017 exhibition at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, Stanley will create a new series and delve into folk-art themes during his residency at The Gibbes.

Radcliffe Bailey (April 27-Sept. 16)
Atlanta-based artist Radcliffe Bailey has achieved international acclaim through his use of innovative materials, like piano keys, photographs, and taxidermy, to capture his own experience and engage themes of race and ancestry. His work has been exhibited across the country, including the National Museum of African American History and Culture and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. His most recent collection, Pensive, will be on display at The Gibbes.

Alex Waggoner (July 31-Sept. 1)
Charleston-based artist Alex Waggoner uses vibrant colors and a minimalist style to capture the urban landscape of the city. Her work inspires appreciation for the beauty of overlooked spaces at the same time that it reflects on the history of Charleston architecture and the future of a changing city. During her July 31-September 1 residency, Waggoner will draw on the Gibbes Miniature Portrait Collection for inspiration while working on new work on Charleston Architecture.