“About five years ago for New Year’s I made a promise that I would toss any shoes that couldn’t last through an entire art opening,” says Megan Lange. The artist and co-owner of Robert Lange Studios was sick of suffering through shows from the likes of Karen Ann Myers to Nathan Durfee all because of high heels.

“It was a sad day,” she adds. “If you look in my closet now, you’ll see a lot of interesting shoes and boots, and upon closer inspection you’ll see that most of them have squishy insoles.”

But practicality doesn’t trump design for the acrylic artist. Instead she’s found a number of shoes that qualify as “creative and comfortable.” And her favorite footwear of the moment are a pair of Miz Mooz boots. “My boots are the most ‘me’ shoes,” she says. “I now have about six or seven different pairs of them, and all of them are equally as comfortable.” Lange wears the boots with any ensemble, formal or casual.

“They are really great for dressing down a dress, and like all of my shoes I can spend an entire day running around in them without my feet hurting; this is very important in a city filled with cobblestones and uneven floors,” she says. And one can imagine she runs into plenty of obstacles, what with the gallery located in the heart of the highly rutted historic district on Queen Street.

“I think it’s silly when I see women doing this crazy arms-out, knees-buckling balancing act in heels,” Lange says. “Confidence, as a woman, is very important, and you shouldn’t have to worry about standing comfortably or walking easily.”


Instead, Lange struts her stuff from weddings to world travels to hours in the gallery in her gray boots and feels just as glamorous as any Louboutin-heeled lady.

“I think the vision that people have of a gallery owner is champagne, red-rimmed glasses, heals, and a black dress,” she says. “But in reality I’m usually on a ladder, holding a bucket of paint, or carrying a painting up stairs, and I’m either barefoot or wearing practical footwear.”