Modern American history is littered with bad fashion ideas that took off.

Leisure suits.

Parachute pants.

Zebra-striped anything.

And now we can add meggings to the list.

Perhaps you’re heard of them. Here are two examples:


Its champions say their products — a form-fitting, nut-hugging, crack-sticking pair of pants — are the natural offspring of skinny jeans. And while that may be the case, the men behind meggings mistakenly believe their product is a fashion innovation. It’s not. In fact, we’ve had meggings around for a long time. 

The late great Freddie Mercury was a fan of them.

And so was Bruce Dickenson of Iron Maiden.

And David Lee Roth.

And for the longest time, they’ve been called spandex pants, and nobody — except the above three guys — has ever worn them and gotten away with it. Everybody else, well, they just end up looking like Peter Pan Man. Or even worse, Tron Guy. And nobody wants to look like that. 

So please, don’t wear meggings.