Mellow Mushroom’s 10-year anniversary party went well into the night Sunday. Local old-time string band the Carolina Broadcasters played an early set to a crowd made up of frat-daddies, guys in skinny jeans, and a wash of lovely ladies who “just came to dance!” The three-piece ensemble played traditional old-time tunes, with pickin’ of all types, and cat-scratch vocals of David Sheppard.

When JeffET and BirdFlu of Charleston’s own Electric Friends took over the speakers, those antsy-to-dance hipster chicks got their wish. Patrons downstairs expressed concert as the floor of the bar began that ritualistic pulsation occasionally seen on the underbelly of a vodka-Red Bull-fueled dance party.

Mellow Mushroom downtown has been in business for a decade, and over the years, it’s been a major fundraiser for Toys for Tots and multiple other Lowcountry charities. These guys give back to the community, and maybe that’s why they’ve been on the block since I ate there my first time on a middle school field trip. Or maybe it’s just the pizza. Whatever the reason, for those of us who could still raise our glasses at the end of the night, the toast went to 10 more great years from the philanthropic and always delicious Mellow Mushroom.