We got a sneak peek at the new Mellow Mushroom at Avondale the other day. All we have to say is be prepared to be wowed. The pictures below don’t nearly do the place justice. We’ll have more about the renovation and the artwork by Carl Janes later. In the meantime, take a look.

The big marquee:

As you step into the space, it completely opens up. Very dramatic (in a nod to the space’s original purpose as a theater).

The original balcony has been turned into a cozy seating area with a community table that overlooks the space below.

Local artist Carl Janes, a favorite of the Mellow guys, was commissioned to do the art. He truly let his imagination run wild. It feels a bit like a Disney or Vegas restaurant — big, bold, vibrant.

The jester from which it all comes.

Unfortunately, the photographic exhibit at the front of the space (featuring a famous local chef dressed as King Charles) was still being installed. We’ll post pictures of that later today.