A couple of businesses have closed up on Market Street this week to deal with some major renovations.

At 102 Market St., Mercato announced they were closing on Sun. Jan. 5 to remodel. Restaurateur Hank Holliday tells us they will be installing a  new environmental system — new HVAC units, ducts, and fresh air vents — and will completely modernize and update the kitchen. He also said that they will most likely be taking the opportunity to tweak the concept, but didn’t want to give specifics at this time. The biggest difference he says is that the restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner after the renovations.

Of the 29 employees, Holliday says they have been able to find other places within the company for 19, which includes the senior staff (Holliday owns Peninsula Grill, Hank’s Seafood, Planters Inn, and the Doubletree), and they are currently looking for ways to  retain the remaining 10. 

Mercato’s next door neighbor Market Street Sweets has also closed for renovations. Assistant General Manager Kyle Blankenship says the store will be gutted and completely remodeled. “The building is 150 years old, and there are structural issues,” he says. 

Nobody would say whether these renovations were related to each other.