• Ron House

A slew of local and visiting bands will come together at Jimbo’s Rock Lounge (1662 Savannah Hwy.) on Sat. July 16 for Slaying for a Kidney. The gig is for longtime local radio personality and Summerville resident Ron House, who’s battling kidney disease. Currently on dialysis, House is on the waiting list for a kidney transplant.

In 2006 (when local rock station 98 Rock was operating under the name 98X), House hosted a specialty show on Sunday nights called Harder, Faster. The late-night show mixed the best-known with the underground from a pile of sub-genres — from classic thrash-metal to bleakly theatrical and downright scary Goth-styled metal and hyper-distorted, pure-shred grindcore-metal.

“The show is essentially to showcase extreme music,” House told City Paper during the show’s early months. “Bands you’d never get to hear on the air elsewhere … everything from Polish industrial to New Jersey hardcore to Brazilian death metal. I try to pick a wide variety, but I admit it’s more metal than anything so far. I hate to break down metal into sub-sub-genres, but I play every kind of metal: speed, death, power, black, thrash, hardcore, industrial, etc.”

House earned a loyal following in the late 2000s before stepping aside to battle his disease. This weekend’s event is designed to raise money and support for House, with sets from (in order) Rule #9, EOD, Centura, Homicyde, Mare Of Steel, Coffin Syrup, Tripping The Mechanism, and Your Chance To Die. Band’s perform from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. Admission is a $10 donation.

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