The Meyer Vogl Gallery wants us to think of upcoming exhibition, Inside Voices, as “anti-landscape.” Opening on Fri. May 3, the show features new artwork from Laurie Meyer, Nancy Hoerter, Aimee Erickson, Carlos San Millan, and Kathleen Jones.

In a press release Laurie Meyer says, “Inside objects and spaces are intimate by nature. For this show, I selected personal places I love and chose spaces where light and love abound.”


While we may think of a still life — a bowl of fruit sitting in soft sunlight — as something lacking a certain energy, these artists are here to prove that small spaces can hold a lot of buzziness too.

Look forward to new paintings from Meyer, Hoerter, and Erickson, and moody interiors from San Millan, as well as pops of pattern from Jones.

Inside Voices will be on display through May 31.