Dropped in on Mia Pomodori today for lunch. Had a small salad (to make up for my Food + Wine weekend) and couldn’t resist a slice of Sicilian. When I was a kid in jersey, Sicilian pizzas were always my favorite — big, thick, square slices piled high with greasy toppings. The version at Mia Pomodori is appropriately thick with a tender crust and a tasty tomato sauce.

I had a crappy pizza last night from my neighborhood pizza place (I’m starting to think the economy is causing them to cut back on quality of toppings), and I was disappointed in the tomato sauce. Too sweet and tasted like it came from a can. So I was particularly thrilled with Pomodori’s version, which is fresh, light, and flavorful.

The small restaurant is primarily a to-go and delivery operation, but they do have a small patio out back with some tables and chairs. Because it’s beautiful today, we opted to eat out there. Unfortunately, the surroundings aren’t very nice — a junky parking lot and the back of a dilapidated house or two. Maybe they’ll add some trellises or a fence or something, or maybe they’ll not worry about it too much since they’re more focused on delivery.