Guerilla Cuisine is importing some South Florida flair for the June GC event. Chef Jeremiah of Bullfrog, Eatz (get it?) will be on hand with his popular gastroPod serving fusion-inspired Miami street food. Unfortunately, the event, which was limited to only 40 ticketholders, has already sold out, but be on the lookout for an old-school airstream if you’re cruising in West Ashley next Wednesday.

Chef Jeremiah is a Johnson & Wales graduate who has spent time cooking at restaurants in such far-flung locations as Spain, Belize, and Santo Domingo, as well as in some domestic kitchens in Dallas, Chicago, and New York City restaurants.

As for the gastroPod, it’s a 1962 Airstream tricked out with top-notch culinary equipment that patrols the streets of Miami. Chef Jeremiah’s gastroPub has joined the ranks of some other roving dining options that have become popularized across the country and take advantage of social network sites like Twitter and Facebook to update followers on their impending whereabouts. The gatroPod, which has been gaining followers on the Miami food scene each time it throws up the parking break to dish out meals, seems like a perfect match for the secretive organizers at Guerilla Cuisine and their love of last-second time and location revelations. After all, even if you don’t have tickets, tracking down the Airstream could be almost as much fun as actually going.