Food nerd alert. Michael Ruhlman is coming to Charleston for a dinner and booksigning in December.

Ruhlman is a well-known food journalist and author whose first book, The Making of a Chef, chronicled his education at the Culinary Institute of America.

Ruhlman once wrote about food as an outsider, translating the craft of chefs like Michael Symon and Thomas Keller so non-cooks could understand the art that happens behind the stove. Over the years, he’s evolved into an expert teacher of techniques too.

His most recent books have focused on taking the mystery out of cooking by arming home cooks with serious technique. With Ratio, he provided a glossary of culinary terms along with the idea that learning some basic codes can free you up from recipes. For example, if you know that a vinaigrette’s ratio is 3:1, or 3 parts oil to 1 part vinegar, you’ll be able to whip up sauces for all kinds of purposes in the kitchen.

He’s coming to town on a book tour for his newest book, Ruhlman’s Twenty: 20 Techniques, 100 Recipes, a Cook’s Manifesto. On his blog, he says Ruhlman’s Twenty distills his knowledge into an illustrated cookbook that explores the singular idea “that all of cooking can be reduced to a handful of techniques.”

On Tues. Dec. 13, Ruhlman will join Chef Jeremy Holst at Anson Restaurant to cook a five-course dinner using techniques that diners can easily adapt in their own kitchens. Tickets for that dinner are on sale now and cost $75 or $100 with wine pairings. Proceeds will benefit Slow Food Charleston.

The following night Ruhlman and Holst will head to Heirloom Book Company on King Street for a booksigning and cocktail reception.