Mystery Misery

Scooby-Doo, where are you?

On Friday night I pulled into the parking lot of the Voodoo Lounge anxious to unravel the details of the Midnight Mystery Ride. I was thinking Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Machine. I was thinking about sticky leather seats, a smoke-filled interior, lots of munchies, and a sense of adventure, blazing a path to an unknown destination. But I got it all wrong. I missed the memo. The Midnight Mystery Ride had absolutely nothing to do with cruising Chucktown in a van solving one mystery after another. After duly noting a few secret handshakes exchanged throughout the night, I was able to pin down the organizer of the event, Sam. Sam had a posse and they had bikes. Bikes?!! But I was in a car. Ruh-roh. If I had known, I would have ridden my beach cruiser from downtown. I was jealous. I wanted to be on my bike for the ride and not be just some girl holding a camera and scribbling notes. At midnight, they pedaled off without me, bound for the Greenway. Jeepers! Good thing the Midnight Mystery Ride has turned into a regular event in a town begging for more bike action.