Fans of stand-up comedy, social awkwardness, and This American Life (but we repeat ourselves) have reason to rejoice: Mike Birbiglia will perform a stand-up set March 30 at 7:30 p.m. at the Charleston Music Hall. Tickets are on sale now via City Paper Tickets for $29 to $39.

Birbiglia has been developing his act for 12 years, often eschewing one-liners for long, personal, sometimes gut-wrenching stories. His confessional style blurs the line between comedian and plain old storyteller, and his accounts of making out in high school, ruining a cancer charity event, and getting hit by a drunk driver have earned him guest spots on This American Life since 2008.

2012 saw the release of Sleepwalk With Me, a full-length movie co-produced by TAL host Ira Glass, and 2014 will see Birbiglia touring with a new stand-up act titled Thank God for Jokes, which is billed as a set of “more painfully awkward stories in a show about jokes, and how they can get you in trouble.”

Not familiar with Birbiglia’s schtick? If you have Netflix Instant, you can stream his 2013 stand-up special My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend. If not, Birbiglia has also uploaded his entire 2008 special What I Should Have Said Was Nothing on YouTube: