[image-1] In the several months he’s lived in Charleston, rapper MiKE L!VE has been productive. He released an LP, Examples of ______ to Inspire You, in September and immediately began working on a multimedia project titled Livelihood.

The venture brings two forms, fashion and music, together for a unique experience. The latest album, Livelihood, dropped earlier this week and correlates with a line of hoodies that have an MP3 player wired into them.

“The drawstrings of this hoodie are actually headphones,” L!VE explains. “The wire runs down the zipper into the front right pocket. Inside that pocket you will find an MP3 player with only my album, Livelihood, uploaded onto it. When you purchase the hoodie all you have to do is reach in the pocket and press play.”
[content-1] L!VE, who gained notoriety in Asheville as a member of hip-hop collective Free the Optimus, says that the idea for Livelihood’s collision of formats has been planned for some time now.

“A couple years ago in a rap battle at the Orange Peel in Asheville, North Carolina, my opponent called me out for always wearing a hoodie,” L!VE recalls. “I took that and decided to make it mine, thus spawning my own brand of hoodies.”

The album is available on all streaming services and the accompanying hoodie can be purchased by contacting L!VE on Instagram.

Hoodies are a prominent theme on the album, giving L!VE another big reason to combine the formats.

“By bringing the Livelihood hoodie together with the Livelihood album, I have bridged the gap between physical texture and sound,” he says. “For the first time, an audience member can feel as if they’re draped in audio.”