Remember that horribly long wait Brokeback Mountain as it slowly made its way from New York and San Francisco to the rest of the country? Months later (well, it felt like months) it finally made it to our little city. Well the wait will only be two weeks for Milk. The Gus Van Sant biopic about the 1970s gay-rights icon hits the Terrace on Dec. 19, likely making it to the other theaters in the area around the first of the year.

The relevance to the rallying cry against the latest round homophobic legislation has been often reported — because it’s spot on.

It hit theaters in very limited release last Friday and was number 10 at the box office nationally, even though it was only showing in 36 theaters. By comparison, High Scool Musical 3 was at 13 last week and was seen at 1,385 theaters.

The Washington Blade has a collection of reviews — they’re all good and they’re from actual critics (not those weird, third-world media outlets that liked Rush Hour 3).

J. Hoberman at the Village Voice writes, “When ‘The Times of Harvey Milk’ won its Oscar for best documentary, presenter Kathleen Turner described it as ‘a film about American values in conflict.’ This time, the Academy won’t have to be as discreet.”

Personally, I’m not looking for an Oscar for this one. I was disappointed enough over Brokeback’s loss.