Local four-piece indie outfit Milky White released the single “Uncontested Divorce” last week off their upcoming debut self-titled EP. Their pedal-pop sound came about after guitarist/songwriter Ben Kerley and drummer Sonny Reyes figure out what to call themselves. “We actually came up with the name first and decided to start a band that would suit it,” Kerley says. “He and I both really enjoy guitar effect pedals, and I wanted to write music based around the more unique sounds of some of the effects I own, backed by upbeat drumming.”

The songs were recorded with bassist Dylan Walker and vocalist Jules Campbell at the Space on Line Street, where producer Wolfgang Ryan Zimmerman helped to mold their ideas into a cohesive product that took almost no time to sell to a label. “I sent two rough cuts of the songs to Grant McCracken of North Carolina’s Bitter Melody Records to check out, about five and a half minutes of music in total,” Kerley says. “Four minutes later, he messaged me back saying he wanted to release them on his label.”

The limited seven-inch four-song EP will be available via Bitter Melody as well as Bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify on June 10.