Millennium Music co-owner/manager Kent Wagner announced plans for the King Street music shop to shift into more of a service oriented business. “These services include iPod loading, storing back-ups of customer digital music files, reloading lost files, and transferring files to new music devices,” says Wagner. “The programs are expected to fill a much needed niche as we all shift fully into the new world of music consumption and use.”

[image-1]On their various “rip, load, and go” services, the store made this announcement: “Trade what you don’t want and we’ll rip what you do want. Clean up your CD clutter. Let us digitize the CDs you want on your iPod. Just give us the CDs, your iPod, and 48 business hours, and we’ll do all the work!” They charge two bucks per CD with 10-disc minimum for a loaded iPod and DVD backup. Other rip, storage, transfer services are available as well. Local music lovers can call the store at 722.1016 ext. 212, or e-mail them at