[image-1] Atlanta-based Miller Gallery roster artist Dixie Purvis is known for her large, abstracted oil paintings on panels. In her upcoming solo exhibit, titled Dixie Purvis, on display April 6-30, view the artist’s paintings which express “fluidity, energy, and motion.”

A press release reads that, “While she occasionally includes figurative elements in her work, Purvis avoids subjects, preferring to experiment with organic shapes and imagery. By stepping out of her comfort zone, Purvis challenged herself with new techniques during the creation of this body of work. Her intentionally heavy marks suggest the complexity of our human experience, whether they are accidental or planned. Purvis paints from her core and leaves it all on the surface. Events overlap, merge and emerge much like our personal histories.”

Whether you’re a fan of abstract pieces or curious about Purvis’ draw to the medium, which, the artist explains “presents both a challenge and an opportunity by posing possibilities but no answers,” you can meet Purvis and discuss her work Fri. April 6 at the opening reception from 6 to 8 p.m.