[image-1] While the city waits in anticipation for the opening of Shuai and Corrie Wang’s newest venture, Jackrabbit Filly, dim sum lovers will be happy to hear that Millers All Day is collaborating with the Wangs Thurs. Sep. 26 from 5-8 p.m. for ‘Millers All Day and Then Sum.’ The pop-up is inspired by Shuai’s heritage-driven new Chinese American cuisine, combined with the breakfast/brunch theme of Millers.
[content-1] Millers All Day chef Joe DiMaio will be serving a mash-up menu of Southern-American- Chinese inspired breakfast dishes including bacon, egg, and cheese steamed dumplings; Korean fried chicken on a pimento biscuit with pickles; breakfast sausage fried rice; crab omelet with scallion-garlic cream cheese; a waffle Croque Madame with Broadbent ham and hickory syrup; and a twist on shrimp and grits, with Geechie Boy grit cakes and spicy shrimp salad.  DiMaio says he and Wang “think the combination of Southern and American cuisine and Chinese influence would bring a lot of fun to this pop-up.”

From chef Wang, expect sticky rice and pork shao mai, pork and cabbage dumplings, eggs and soldiers with Chinese crullers, and more. Yet another pop-up from the Jackrabbit Filly team, the excitement grows with every event, tempting diners with the future dishes of the Wangs’ first brick and mortar.

DiMaio says he and Shuai “have always enjoyed collaborating” and Shuai adds that “the mix of cuisines and (his) heritage will make for a memorable night of exotic flavors.”