Browsing for South Carolina news today on the Googles, I came across something that struck me as odd: Exactly why, was a picture of former Miss Teen South Carolina Caitlin Upton positioned next to a series of articles concerning a shooting in Rock Hill.

Even weirder, the credit below the image was for A Pakistan News, whatever the hell that is.

So I clicked.

And surprise surprise, under the headline “Miss South Carolina” was an article which had apparently been lifted from the Augusta Chronicle (at least some comments were included.) And it was all about the Rock Hill shooting. And whose face was it right next to the story … but Caitlin Upton.

Apparently, being unable to find “the Iraq” on a map leads to a life of crime.

(OK. OK. Caitlin Upton wasn’t involved in the shooting. This was just a case of some internet weirdness. Lovely weirdness. Day making weirdness. But weirdness all around.)