[image-1] Mitchell Hill gallery presents Take 2, a new show featuring work from two artists, on Sept. 29 from 1-4 p.m. Tom Potocki, a MFA graduate from the University of Edinboro, and Jim Victor, a self-taught oil expressionist, showcase their new pieces and discuss them over wine and small bites. (Sign us up).

Potocki is an innovative painter who focuses on the act of painting almost as much as the painting itself. In an artist statement Potocki says, “The works are derived through a constantly evolving experimental process of applying colors to a surface, usually by splashing, blotting, stamping, and occasionally setting the piece out in the rain.”
[image-4] Victor, an Italian immigrant from New Jersey who served in the U.S. Army, recognized his passion for the master works and devoted his life to the pursuit of painting. In a statement Victor said, “I would spend hours sketching and drawing, trying to copy the paintings of Cezanne, Michelangelo, and others whose paintings were depicted in textbooks and in the library.”

These works will be displayed through Oct. 15.