Let the writers strike all the want to, Mitt will take care of the comedy on his own.

Surprised to see a distant relative in the front row at a campaign stop Wednesday, the Republican presidential hopeful interrupted his education speech at a children’s museum to introduce her.

“In the front row over here is my niece, Heather Glenn,” Romney said. “That’s probably not your last name anymore, Heather. But Heather is a school teacher. Are you a school teacher?”

“No. I’m a pediatrician,” she responded.

I’ll give the man a hard time, because he’s earned it. But I’ve got several second cousins and can name two. And don’t ask me where they live, let alone what they do. Anyway, here’s the kicker…

Heather Krueger, whose last name changed when she married, said she last saw “Uncle Mitt” at a family funeral a decade ago. While she called him an uncle, she said they were actually second cousins.

Though Krueger was “getting more and more excited” about Romney’s candidacy, she hasn’t yet decided whom she will vote for in the January primary.

“I’m staying open,” she said.