You know, many a Saturday rolls by and I remember those times when folks actually gathered around to watch boxing. They still do, I guess, but since the rise of PPV boxing, well, the boxing world just hasn’t been the same. While it generates a lot of money for the boxers and the promoters, it limits viewership in a way that HBO or Showtime never did.

But as boxing has faded as a cultural touchstone, mixed martial arts has been steadily advancing. Which brings us to a report from the Statehouse. According to the AP, a bill allowing MMA events in South Carolina is making some headway.

The AP reports:

With no debate, the bill won unanimous approval Tuesday from the House Labor, Commerce and Industry Committee. It now heads to the House floor.

The increasingly popular sport combines elements of karate, judo, jujitsu and kickboxing. State law currently bans the fighting events.

Committee Chairman Bill Sandifer said the contests could be a moneymaker for South Carolina.