[image-1]Residents of the Flats at Mixson received a not-so-comforting letter Monday informing them of the possible need to vacate the Park Circle development at the end of the month due to potentially unsafe conditions.

According to a spokesperson for the property’s owners, Jamestown, “the City of North Charleston is holding a hearing that will likely result in an order requiring that our residents vacate the Flats at Mixson until the buildings can be permanently restored. There is concern that The Flats at Mixson are unsafe for long-term occupancy due to water intrusion. While the issues do pose a threat to the future habitability of the Flats, there is no immediate danger.”

City of North Charleston spokesman Ryan Johnson says the city’s building official sent a letter to the Flats at Mixson property owner indicating for them to begin plans to remove residents from the buildings. There is no immediate threat, he says, but plans need to be made so the residents can relocate. North Charleston’s Public Safety and Housing Board will meet on Mon. May 23 to determine the condition of the buildings and what needs to be done to solve the problems. In the meantime, residents are left to wonder when they might be allowed to return to their homes.

While no dates have been provided regarding the restoration and re-opening of the complex, the owners and building management company Greystar will be arranging move-out dates over the course of the next month. Jamestown has said that they will provide residents with financial assistance for relocation. In addition to offering a big apology to those affected by the move, the company has also declared that they will be initiating a lawsuit with the purpose of “assigning responsibility for the damage” that led to the complex’s structural issues and made this mass exodus necessary in the first place.