Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts. It’s a straightforward name that reflects a straightforward concept: glazed gourmet doughnuts. But the concoctions sound anything but simple. How about goat cheese mousse with a lavender glaze? Or banana custard with peanut butter ganache and bacon?

Mark Remi and Allison Smith are determined to let Charleston get in on some of the gourmet doughnut action that cities like Atlanta, Portland, and New York have been talking about for years. You know, doughnuts that are made in small batches with creative flavors and seasonal inspirations. Doughnuts that aren’t made according to a chain-wide recipe that can be found in any city, at any time (not that there’s anything wrong with those kinds of doughnuts).

Remi says they are still tweaking their recipes, but they plan to have a garden for growing their own herbs, and they will be making homemade jams and jellies for stuffing purposes. The shop is currently underway at 481 King St., in the space that formerly housed Aster Hall. They expect to be open in August.