Modern Man’s Eyes No is a doomsday combo pack of Sonic Youth, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Comets on Fire that traps the listener in a tunnel of shadowy echoes and whispered warnings, all of which make it one of the strangest releases to come of the Holy City in some time.

“The only way I can explain what inspired this record are the roles that media, religion, family, sex, love, government, etc., play in our lives,” says David Allen Glenn, singer, guitarist, and Modern Man bandleader. “The vocals represent the layers of one voice shouting into the void of everyday nonsense that a person might get trapped in without even realizing what’s going on, which is nothing.”

Fortunately, there’s a helluva lot of something happening on Eyes No as Modern Man — Glenn, drummer Nikki Calvert, guitarist Brian Draper, and bassist Jose Davila — explore the outer realms of noise rock, a place where abstract melodies reward the daring.

Glenn himself is particular consumed by one quest. “How do we create a sound that doesn’t sound like the instrument normally would sound, and is it possible without colliding tones and overplaying?”

He adds, “Right now, I’m really into classical compositions and the use of silence to create giant, impacting sounds.”