About a block of Meeting Street was closed off Thursday night while the Gibbes hosted a sold-out street party in honor of the unveiling of its newest exhibit, Modern Masters from the Ferguson Collection. Participating restaurants took the event’s theme to heart when they prepared their hors d’oeuvres: Trattoria Lucca served grilled lamb on a stick, and Charleston Grill made a Salvadoran papusa stuffed with feta. The open bar was stocked with Van Gogh vodka (mix a little of the acai blueberry with some Sprite and you’re a goner).

Guests mingled with famous artists like Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, and Salvador Dali (with a much thicker moustache than we’ve normally seen him have), while others took pictures with a living statue. Upstairs in the museum was the art, a live pianist, and dessert.

The exhibit features works from Picasso, Robert Vickrey, and, of course, Christo. His mixed media plans for the Gates in Central Park were a particular standout; the gates themselves were created using a goldenrod fabric, billowing on the canvas as they soon would in reality. As we overheard one woman describe it, the night was an “adventure.”