It’s been a year since Moe’s Crosstown closed its doors for “temporary renovations,” but it appears as if the tavern’s many faithful fans will finally be getting their bar back. We met with owner Mike Tronoski Monday morning at the Rutledge Avenue space while the employees, many of them familiar faces from the old days, scurried around. Tronoski says they just need final approval from the fire marshal and DHEC, and they’re shooting for a Wednesday opening.

Renovated Moe’s looks strikingly similar to its former self, with the same worn-in furniture and kitschy decor, but serious work has gone into everything from the wood floors to the ceilings. A new booth has been added to the left side of the entrance for additional seating, and the bar has been updated as well. The ladies room remains a mystery with a fake second door, but the bathroom itself has been updated with a fresh coat of paint. Pool sharks will still find a table in the back room.

Tronoski says the menu, specials, and prices will remain the same for now, including the ever-popular half-price burger night on Tuesdays and Sunday brunch. Stay up to date on the progress at the We Want Moe’s Crosstown Back Facebook page.