Moes Downtown

Moe’s owner Mike Tronoski has confirmed that Moe’s Downtown Tavern will be closing, possibly as soon as the end of the week. “The last day is tentatively Saturday [April 27], but that could change,” he says. “We haven’t closed or signed anything yet.” There’s no official word on what will replace Moe’s, but we’ve heard it will be another restaurant.

Moe’s Downtown opened in 2007 as the second location of the popular Moe’s Crosstown Tavern, which is near Hampton Park. The Crosstown’s authentic neighborhood bar vibe — not to mention its half-price burger night — has earned it a huge following among those who live in the area, and it can be almost impossible to snag a seat during games or Sunday brunch. The Crosstown shut down for almost a year in 2010 to undergo renovations, and when they re-opened in 2011 you could practically hear the neighborhood’s collective sigh of relief.

Despite the same menu and specials, the downtown location just never took off with locals like the Rutledge Avenue original. Maybe it was all the tourists that inevitably piled in — Moe’s Downtown is, after all, just steps from the City Market.