Molly Prather’s (Bleep), Marry, Kill is a seventh-grade sleepover after a long night at the bar. The framework of the show is based upon the teenage-favorite game in which a player is given the names of three people and has to decide who he would like to bed, who he would wed, and who he want dead.

At the beginning of the show, Molly asked the audience to suggest a group celebrities to incorporate in the game. The final list included Mother Teresa (marry), Paris Hilton (kill) and Bill Pacino, a hybrid of Bill Clinton and Al Pacino (bleep). Interestingly, Molly’s show revolved not around people the audience suggested but rather the new characters Molly created.

Prather’s rap sheet reads like a cast list for VH1’s Tool Academy. If you’re looking for something sweet, stop by the snack bar before hand because Molly doesn’t sugarcoat her past. She is upfront and candid about her victories and failures in the love department, including a guy for an affinity for animal costumes. During the show, she takes the audience on an uncensored version of both the peaks and valleys of her pursuits of love, lust, and everything in between.

Molly Prather is a Jager Bomb in a country club. Shes’ a boilermaker at brunch. She’s a breath of fresh air in a world where too many girls are have pretty faces but no substance. She’s is very easy on the eyes yet hell on the funny bone.

This show is far from the pinnacle of Prather’s career. When watching the show, you get the feeling that she is destined to do much greater things. Her stint in the Piccolo Fringe Festival is a great opportunity to see an emerging voice in comedy do just that — emerge.