Here’s the Wrap:

• Need to quench that craving for gambling? Join the military.

There are thousands of slot machines on military bases overseas. The military says the revenue from the slots — well over $100 million annually — is used to fund recreation programs overseas, such as swimming pools, movie theaters and concerts.

• Mitt Romney is afraid of the “M” word, and it’s not “mormon.”

In his new ad, an announcer talks about Mitt Romney’s conservative approach in “the most liberal state in the country” (while showing pictures of Senator John Kerry and Michael Dukakis and a headline with Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s name) and says, “In the toughest place, Mitt Romney’s done the toughest things.” Mr. Romney was, of course, the Republican governor of Massachusetts, but you won’t learn that from the ad.

• You can’t walk around Germany naked. For you tourists, you can’t walk around Marion Square naked, either.

• Al Parish wants out of jail next week. Sorry buddy — you missed all the finales and they took your TIVO. I’d tough it out till the Fall.

• Female Berkeley County teacher accused of having a relationship with a 13-year-old girl.