[image-2]After years of working behind the scenes as a chef in a number of restaurants including Carolina’s, Columbia native Justin Moore decided to expand his horizons while simultaneously doing what he hopes will expand the South’s perception of fine dining. Moore is opening MOMO, a gastrotruck and catering service, on May 1.

After being intrigued by the food scene in L.A, Moore was motivated to branch out and show people the possibilities of mobile eateries. Moore says that the goal of MOMO is to change the common perception of the food truck by bringing white-tablecloth-quality food to the streets. “We want MOMO to change the food truck scene in the South,” he says.

Moore doesn’t want MOMO to be limited to one specific type of cuisine, but rather be loosely defined as elevated American cuisine. The gastrotruck’s menu will be vegetable driven, not the greasy-cheese-covered food truck menu he says customers are more accustomed to.

Moore also says that his kitchen is like a pub with no rules. The truck’s menu will include a hot dog made of bison meat, chicken rinds, and for dessert he’ll serve a nitrogen milkshakes. Moore adds that Charleston’s culture and local resources played a huge role in his location decision.

“MOMO will work closely with farmers and fishermen in the community, incorporating local and fresh ingredients into the food,” says Moore.

In addition to the uniquely prepared dishes, MOMO will offer a variety of grab-and-go items such as fresh fruit, jams, chicken salad sold by the pint, and freshly baked break from Saffron. The food truck will also offers on-site catering.

The GPS in the truck allows Charlestonians to track the truck via its social media sites. While it is a mobile restaurant, Moore wants MOMO to be a desired lunch/dinner destination, not just a food truck that people happen to come across on the street.

“I’ve been interested in changing the common perception of the food truck for a while, so I thought ‘Why can’t we do it here? Why not Charleston?’”

Check out MOMO’s full menu at momocharleston.com.