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As the 9th circuit’s first public defender, Ashley Pennington helped shape the position by emphasizing the importance of connecting defendants with social services that can help them escape the cycle of arrest and incarceration. Pennington said he will return to private practice after his Aug. 2 retirement, continuing to work to address some of the systemic injustices he said still plague the state’s criminal justice system. The 9th Circuit Public Defender Selection Panel is now reviewing applications from attorneys looking to take the seat. More: The Post and Courier 

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Charleston completes $5M retrofit of historic downtown fire station. A $5 million remodel of a historic downtown Charleston fire station has finished, and firefighters have moved back into the building after two years of renovations. More: WCSC TV

Pricey parking tickets hitting Charleston beach visitors. Parking has been particularly contentious on Charleston beaches for the last few years as too many people are seeking the sun and too few parking spaces are available for them. More: The State

Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce aims to make minority businesses more sustainable. The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce started a program to ensure local minority businesses have the room to grow and become equitable long term after releasing a snapshot report of how such businesses are doing, especially after the pandemic. More: WCSC TV

How S.C. firing squad executions will work. Richard Moore’s death warrant, initially planned to be carried out April 29, has renewed interest in how a state puts in motion its plans to shoot an inmate to death. More: The Associated Press

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