Now that Disney/ABC/ESPN has given Hank Williams Jr. the boot as the theme-song-singing talent for Monday Night Football, I figured now was as good a time as any to have my final say on the matter.

Of course, it’s totally within Disney’s right to kick Bocephus to the curb. It’s their station. It’s their property. They have to protect their investment.

However, why didn’t they fire Hank Jr. when he was arrested in 2006 for allegedly assaulting a waitress?

I mean, if Bocephus had been found guilty, then that would have been an actual crime, not an off-the-cuff remark made on a right-wing cable network specializing in off-the-cuff, over-the-top proclamations of anti-Obama windbaggery.

Of course, Williams wasn’t convicted of anything; the charges were eventually dropped, although rumors suggest that the alleged victim may have been paid off.

Regardless, Disney chose to keep him as their theme-slinger. Apparently, they felt that allegations that Williams had beaten up a waitress were not as bad as the fact that he voiced an opinion that every-other right-wing pundit — not to mention a good portion of MNF’s audience — shares. Just saying.

Personally, I’m glad he’s gone from Monday Night Football. I hated his intros.

That said, I fear that Disney may replace him with someone who appeals to the same redneck/blue collar-white-guy demo. And I think I know exactly who that person will be: Kid Rock.

Hopefully, he’ll say something bad about Obama too before that happens. Fingers crossed. Fingers crossed.