[image-1]For a local photography competition in its first year, the Visual Culture Awards didn’t hurt for applicants. Nearly 100 photographers from 38 different countries submitted works to the competition, founded by Mikayla Mackaness in an effort to “gather together images with visual cross-cultural impact,” she explains. While many were awarded prizes in various categories, Bangladesh-based photojournalist G.M.B. Akash was named the Gold recipient for the portfolio category. The artist discovered photography 10 years ago, and has since turned his life around. “Throughout my photography, I want to show two things: The things that should be changed in a positive way and the things that should be appreciated,” Akash says. Twenty-five of his images are now on view at the Charleston Center for Photography, with an opening reception on Mon. Jan. 12 at 7 p.m. The opening will be followed by the showing of the recently-released documentary, An Unlikely Weapon, which examines the effects of Eddie Adams’ famous photograph of a Saigon police chief shooting a Vietcong guerrilla. Adams was haunted by the man he’d vilified and eventually turned to photographing celebrities because “it doesn’t take anything from you.” The exhibit will be on view through the spring. Charleston Center for Photography. 654-D King St. (843) 577-0647. www.visualcultureawards.com. www.ccforp.org