If you love a good surprise, Charleston’s local band Montauk will soon be providing fans with a satisfyingly shocking switch-up from their typical melancholy, folk style to something a bit more rock ’n’ roll.

Recording their upcoming album in their very own backyard barn, Montauk has added some new flavor to their music, along with a temporary drummer in Band of Horses’ Creighton Barrett. Vocalist and guitarist Cheyne Dowds says, “About a year ago, Creighton was off tour, had some spare time and decided to play with us for a bit … and just to make it something different, we redid all the songs from slow folky stuff to more energetic rock.”

Along with guitarist Nick Bowman, Dowds looks forward to seeing their sound get “a bit louder.” See what you think of Montauk’s rocking transformation with the band’s new video for “Snow,” featuring puppeteer Will Schutze, who also appears in the upcoming film Chef, on YouTube (or below) now. Catch Montauk live at the Sparrow on Sat. June 28.