After Spoleto founder Gian Carlo Menotti’s death on February 1, the posthumous accolades were flying thick as hailstones. We even got a treacly letter from Spoleto general manager Nigel Redden in which he called Menotti a “remarkable composer and friend of the arts and artists” — interesting, given that Redden was handed his walking papers by Menotti back in the early ’90s, during the period of internal strife that led up to the composer ditching the festival he began. But you know what they say: success is the best revenge. And it’s awfully easy to be gracious when you’re swimming in record-breaking box office receipts four years running — in the job from which you were once fired.

Redden says that his production team is in the process of adding new programming to this year’s festival to celebrate Menotti’s life. How extensive that additional material will be is anyone’s guess, but Menotti fans are advised to keep their expectations in check. This, after all, is a festival whose only nod toward last year’s 30th anniversary was a single short sentence in the director’s intro to the program guide. —PS