Comedy Fest continues … I spotted Brandy Sullivan (!) and encountered a bunch of other characters at Theatre 99 on Thursday night after the late-evening Big Dicktionary gig. The improvisational comedy duo of Timmy Finch and John Brennan were pretty damn entertaining. Here are a few snaps:

Just in town from Boston (it’s his first time in Charleston!), comedian Peter Gross handed out the handbills for his “Get Hypnotized” gigs at the American Theater and his “magic show” at Theatre 99 this weekend … and he mentioned how weird the Holiday Inn on the Ashley River seemed to him:


The Barnas handled copious pints of Magic Hat beer and slices of specialty pizza at Mellow Mushroom:


The Big Dicktionary guys —John Brennan and Timmy Finch — give a thumbs-up after the set at Theatre 99:


Doppelgänger’s Jason Cooper and Lee Lewis at the Mellow Mushroom after-party. They rock:


Theatre 99 bartender Sara Miller located a cold Magic Hat #9 — and nearly chugged it herself:


That’s Brandy Sullivan! (second from left):


(photos by T. Ballard Lesemann)