If you had to summarize the secrets that nationally-recognized financial planner Kyra Morris has learned through the years, you would discover:

  • Have passion for your work and personal life.
  • Make an impact and make impactful decisions.
  • Be positive. It’ll serve you much better than negativity.
  • Be honest and dependable.
  • Share what you learn.

“We are planners,” said Morris, president of Morris Financial Concepts in Mount Pleasant. “We work intentionally and collaboratively with people to develop strategies for clients to help them thrive and survive personally and professionally.

“We craft specialized plans that fit clients’ needs. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter planning any more than we believe in only focusing on investment ideas. Our goal is to build long-term, flexible strategies that are smart enough to weather any downturn and take advantage of upticks in the economy.”

Personal relationships are important

Morris, who also chairs the 2022 Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce board of directors, said her firm of specialized advisers takes care of many of the things that traditional investment advisers do — working to maximize tax benefits, checking investments and more. But the firm’s key to success is to focus on long-term stability to allow clients to plan for their future in several ways.

“We value the personal relationships we create with our clients,” said Morris, who has been named one of the nation’s top financial planners in publications like Worth, Mutual Funds Magazine and Bloomberg Wealth Management.

Fee-only services

“Through the years, we’ve learned that the best way to meet clients’ complex needs is to offer services on a fee-only basis,” she said. “That means we do customized research among a variety of financial opportunities to best fit what clients are looking to accomplish.  

Teamwork is important at Morris Financial Concepts.

“What we absolutely do not do is try to push specific products on people because we have a financial interest in them. That is not our business model. We are fee-only fiduciary financial planners who are loyal to clients, not any company or line of products.”

Morris said her team at the firm is uncompromising in the ethic of making recommendations and providing financial services that it believes are needed.

“Our fee-only structure allows for us to remain objective,” she said. “Our mission is to provide clients with peace of mind and confidence. We do that by remaining objective and looking for what’s best – and right – for our clients, based on their values.”

A 5-step financial management process

Since 1983, planners at Morris Financial Concepts have provided advice to clients throughout the Lowcountry and across the world. To develop customized solutions, planners work with clients to identify and target goals, followed by crafting a personalized pathway for success. The firm’s process includes:

  1.  Getting to know you. MFC wants to know how a client’s life works and what their dreams are. “We ask probing questions to understand your priorities, family circumstances, values and financial aspirations. We seek to build long-term relationships of trust that will pay off for you over time.” An initial interview is private and complimentary. It helps to establish the foundations for a long-term relationship
  1. Financial snapshot. Once MFC and a client decide to work together, the firm will continue the discovery process to understand the client’s financial picture. “We will look at current priorities and financial resources to your future desires and aspirations. We want to know what resources you may already have in place so we can help you get to where you want to be.”
  2. Investment strategy. MFC planners use intentional financial planning techniques and analysis, paired with its academic investment strategy, to develop a plan to give clients the peace of mind to know whether they are on track to financial independence — or already there.
  3. Legacy planning. The firm also works to outline and prioritize a client’s legacy desires by helping to identify what sort of goodwill that needs to be passed down, through things like gifting education or supporting charities. “We also will work with you to plan for the unforeseen and make sure your loved ones are protected for the future,” Morris said.
  4. Review and navigation. After a client sets a plan, MFC will review it periodically to help them to navigate toward success and achieve the goals that have been set.

“Our overall goal is to help clients attain financial freedom to create lives that are fulfilling, well-rounded and enjoyable,” Morris said.

  • To learn more — or set up an appointment to talk with us today — please visit our website:  MFCPlanners.com.