City Paper advert exec Colby Chisholm sent the music department a few snapshots from this week’s big Mos Def gig at the Music Farm. The Brooklyn-based rapper, poet, actor, and activist shared the stage with Jay Electronica on Thurs. Aug. 13. The place was nearly sold-out.

According to Chisholm, Jay Electronica performed flawlessly and received a strong reception from the crowd. He added that Mos Def split his time between the front-stage microphone and the small drum kit at stage left, set up just in front of two bandmates handling samples and turntable action at center stage. He says the headliner teased the audience with a few abbreviated samples of early hits, played much of the new album The Ecstatic, and extended his set well beyond the 90 minutes or so club management expected him to do — much to the pleasure of his fans.

All photos by Colby Chisholm.