I have been blessed with many things in life. But one of the crosses I have to bear is being a life long, die hard, Chicago Cubs fan

Being a Cubs fan is like you have this really cute puppy. And it’s smart and funny and loves you more then life itself. It’s like a ray of sunshine in your otherwise bleak, meaningless existence. Now picture watching this puppy get run over by a bus every single day for six months.

I truly believe all Chicago Cubs fans are seriously contemplating suicide today.

And all that pain was on display last night in full force. We started the game feeling on top of the world. We have the best record in the National League, a balanced offensive attack, dominant starting pitching, a rock solid bull pen, and we’re playing the team with the worst record in the playoffs. Then our starting pitcher, our 17 game winner 14-3 at home, walks 7 batters. SEVEN BATTERS!!! In the fifth inning he walks three in a row and gives up a grandslam. Our all star lead-off hitter goes 0-5. Manny F-ing Rameriez hits a homerun on a ball so low that our rookie of the year catcher (who also went hitless) was getting ready to block the ball in the dirt.

And you could see the desperation, the disappointment, the here we go again, the 100 years of failure, the black cat, the Padres collapse, the Bartman incident, it’s all coming back.

If the Cubs lose tonight the saddest place in the world will be Wrigley Field. And the bar in which I will be breaking my sobriety.