In movies this week, we have a review of Denzel Washington’s The Great Debaters. Washington is an actor’s actor here but critic Nick Smith says the film feels like a bunch of his other movies.

There Will Be Blood stars Daniel Day-Lewis acting his best in years. The movie is so original, says our critic MaryAnn Johanson, that there’s no way of comparing it to movies of the past.

We have an online review of The Orphanage, produced by Guillermo del Toro, the genius behind last year’s Pan’s Labyrinth. Nick Smith says, “this film doesn’t just rehash its predecessors to deliver its frights. It adds new twists, it’s beautifully shot, and it’s told with an obvious love for the genre that’s obviously lacking in standard U.S. examples.”

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is the new film by Julian Schnabel (Before Night Falls, Basquiat). It’s not showing yet in Charleston, but Mike over at the Terrace Theater tells me the film will screen by the end of the month. Meanwhile, here’s a review by Scott Renshaw. Hint: He likes it.

We also have reviews of:


The Kite Runner

The Bucket List