[image-3] You know him, you love him — Mr. Bonetangles. You know, the six inch-tall puppet that performs at the Charleston night market every Thurs.-Sat. evening? Yeah, that Mr. Bonetangles. Well, we’re sorry to say folks, but the guy pulling the strings, Will Schutze, is packing his puppet bags and leaving town. He and his wife, Ashley Marie Brundrett, are moving to Salt Lake City where Brundrett will begin a one-year residency at the University of Utah.
[content-1] But it’s not too late to say goodbye; the night market hosts Will Schutze Night this Fri. June 16 from 7-10:30 p.m. Schutze has performed at the market for the past four years and the market, collectively, wishes Schutze well:

“Will, an incredibly talented puppeteer, has endeared himself to, and entertained thousands of Night Market shoppers with his lively, clever, and humorous puppet shows. When his cast of characters come alive on his little, soapbox state, it’s pure magic.” 

Schutze night will feature a special area set up for children to make their own hand puppets.

We wrote about Mr. Bonetangles and his string-puller back in 2014, when he told us that he first got into puppets through his high school theater teacher’s husband, who ran the state fair puppet show in Dallas. “He had me come fill in one year for someone who couldn’t be there and I fell in love with this,” said Schutze. “I realized this was a way to pursue my dream of being an entertainer and an artist.”