Charleston-based musical/visual artist Nick Jenkins (a.k.a. Mr. Jenkins) curates a "silent disco" on Thurs. Aug. 26 from 7:30-9 p.m. at the Hope and Union Coffee Company (199 St. Philip St.). Jenkins celebrates the release of his latest album 8 Bits+Pieces — one of several independently-produced eletcro/experimental collections from the busy drummer.

The gig requires headphones, so bring your finest cans. "The event will be a listening party only," says Jenkins. "There’ll be no guest musicians — just me and a couple of machines. Maybe when I get my chops up, I’ll learn to play some of these songs." The promotional poster featuring a handsome image of an orb with ears and earphones was designed by Fuzzco.

Audio samples of the new tracks are available online at Visit for more.