Who’d have guessed a Mt. Pleasant Tex Mex chain would be making headlines not for its food, but for its mural — one that depicts John Lennon, Al Capone, and Marilyn Monroe? Mt. P’s Moe’s Southwest Grill lost its appeal to keep its mural at last night’s Board of Zoning Appeals, according to the P&C.

We first caught wind of muralgate last week, when Palmetto Business Daily reported that Moe’s would appeal the BZA’s request for the mural to come down. The Business Daily cited a Facebook post (below) made by Councilman Mark Smith, in defense of the mural.

Moe’s received a citation in July for excessive signage; the mural didn’t meet zoning regulations which focus on the size of signage (be it art or not). If Moe’s pursues its attempt to keep the mural, the issue could be taken up in court or before Town Council.