Halloween — it’s that special time of year when we place a large amount of effort into taking something harmless and non-offensive, like a pumpkin, and transform it into a representation of our deepest fears. Either that, or we just make everything sexy. Sexy pumpkins abound, really, but that’s beside the point.

Giving credit where credit is do, it’s time to recognize the Town of Mt. Pleasant and the Mt. Pleasant police for going above and beyond with their most recent Halloween video. Seriously, this thing is much better than it needs to be.

Opening with a slick graphics package and a Danny Elfman-esque soundtrack, it’s hard to believe the one-minute clip was made just to inform us about this year’s trunk-or-treat events. Then we’re introduced to Officer Van Brunt with the Mt. Pleasant Police Department. He’s speaking to us from a football field full of squad cars, which we’re sure is standard operating procedure. The video then cuts to a graphic listing where you can donate candy — no chocolate or nuts — and it seems as if things are going to end on an ordinary note. Wrong!

Cut to Van Brunt and a fellow officer suddenly dressed as Batman and Wonder Woman, flanked by back-up. We did not see that coming. It’s really just a bunch of fun. I’m of the belief that we should just unleash our children into the streets every Halloween and let them fend for themselves while dressed like Spiders-Man, Kylos Ren, and Batman from that movie where he murders people, but it’s Halloween fun like this that warms my cold, tired heart. Check it out below.