In college, you knew it was a good party if the cops showed up. And although last Friday’s Durty Munny Art Show wasn’t exactly a kegger (despite the amount of people sipping on PBR) and only one lone police officer walked in to quietly ask DJ Bird Flu to turn down the R. Kelly, Redux Contemporary Art Center was still full of all the cool kids, even if it took a while for them to show up. Tables of Munnys lined the walls, each decorated by some of Charleston’s favorite personalities and ready for silent bidding, while clothing from host Dave “Black Dave” Curry’s streetwear line thecomeback! covered a table by the entrance.

As the show’s main attraction, the Kid Robot vinyl toys took every imaginable form, from Zelda‘s Link to Parks and Recreation‘s Ron Swanson to an elaborate Alien vs. Predator diorama. Although everyone in attendance seemed keen on admiring the Munnys, many people unfortunately didn’t seem to want to bid on them, perhaps saving their money for holiday shopping.

We perused the auction and also considered purchasing a few raffle tickets, especially after Dave gave us a sneak preview of the prizes, which included T-shirts, gift certificates to Dell’z and JLINSNIDER, and a bunch of other stuff we would have loved to get our paws on. Unfortunately, we had to sneak out before the end of the show, but left a little jealous we didn’t get to take home any swag (especially that Ron Swanson Munny).